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VVHS New Executive Director

Meet Brenda Redel

The Verde Valley Humane Society (VVHS) announces the appointment of. Brenda Redel as its Executive Director. Board President Alice Klies says, “I’m pleased to welcome Brenda Redel on behalf of the board, staff, and volunteers of the Verde Valley Humane Society.”

As Executive Director for the Sedona Community Center, Brenda secured grant funding and provided support for the Pet Project—a non-profit program assisting with pet food delivery and veterinarian services for pets of home-bound elders. More recently, as the Director of Organizational Development at Rainbow Acres she oversaw the animal science and equestrian programs for adults with developmental disabilities.

Brenda says, “I believe that the benefit of the human-animal bond goes both ways. Just as the presence of an animal can relieve loneliness, isolation, and depression in people, so we also can provide a critical link in improving the health and well-being of animals that are abandoned and alone.” She is excited to merge her proficiency in non-profit leadership, volunteer and staff engagement, and community outreach with the Verde Valley Humane Society team. Brenda states, “In a team where passion meets expertise, the possibilities are boundless!”

Her education in creative arts and advertising, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, were a natural bridge towards developing, designing, and promoting new programs that connect individuals and communities to crucial resources.
Because she strongly supports servant leadership and community involvement, Brenda continues to serve as a local Alzheimer’s Association Walk volunteer. When not pursuing volunteer or work-related activities, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and two cats, painting, and recently completed a collection of short stories.

Brenda talks about Ely

Ely is a precious Bengal that showed up one day at our semi-rural home in Clarkdale. He loved going from house-to-house, visiting all of the neighbors—even the neighbor’s dog. He seemed to like us best, especially when visiting Billy, our Russian Blue. Eventually, Ely adopted us.
Ely has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. He is as sweet as he can be to people…loves petting, will cuddle on your lap, and enjoys having his neck rubbed. However, we learned early on that there is no keeping Ely inside when he was ready for the hunt and his wild side—the Asian Leopard Cat—kicked in. If not released to the outdoors, Ely flies through the house, climbs furniture, and attacks Billy. He’s a ferocious hunter—hunting and eating mice, rats, and rabbits. Like it so often is with cats, we’ve learned to accept Ely on his own terms and we love him for who he is.