Pet Food Sharing

VVHS Pet Food Sharing Helps Our Community

Verde Valley Humane Society partners with Manzanita Outreach to share pet food with kindness and dignity to pet owners in need. More individuals and families than ever in the Verde Valley need help. Turnout at Manzanita Outreach’s drive-through food distributions is increasing.

pet food sharing

Ben Burke of Manzanita Outreach says that by the end of 2022 the number of families attending the drive-up distributions will equal that of the height of the pandemic. He says the cost of living increases are due to escalating gasoline and groceries, in addition to the high home and rental prices impacting Verde Valley residents.

VVHS collects donations of dog and cat food from individuals and the Cottonwood PetSense. Manzanita staff transports the food from our shelter to the Verde Valley Christian Church in Cottonwood drive-through distribution site. Our Board members put food in hundreds of cars for dogs and cats. There’s never enough for all who need it. At a recent share, 10 packed pallets were gone in less than 1 ½ hours.

Manzanita Outreach shares food with our neighbors in the Verde Valley. People are so grateful. One woman brought items for us to sell in our lobby shop. VVHS participates as often as we have enough pet food thanks to our generous donors.