In the Dog House

Donate to let Verde Valley VIPs out of the Dog house! 

Join us and bail (donate) our VIPs out of the Dog House. There will be free, hotdogs, chips, and soda from the Dog Town Food Truck

When: Saturday, May 18th from 9am to 1pm

Where: 1520 W. Mingus Ave. Cottonwood

Look who’s in the Dog House:

  • Catherine McCan
  • Alice Klies
  • Ken Wood
  • Donna Michaels
  • Christopher Dowell
  • Hank Abrahams
  • Brian Wattenbarger
  • Steve Moss
  • Christian Olivia del Rio

Donate to join in on the fun!

All “Return to owner” fees support our homeless dogs and cats.

In the Dog House

Help get them out of the dog house