Dog Licensing

Dog licensing

Dog licenses and dog tags are important

They are also the law

A lost dog with a tag can quickly be returned to owners. Proof of rabies vaccination is required to purchase a license which protects communities from the spread of rabies. Licenses are generally required for all dogs over 3 months of age.


If you live in Cottonwood or Unincorporated Yavapai County (Cornville, Lake Montezuma, Rimrock, and the Village of Oak Creek):

You can obtain your dog licenses from us. Purchase your license when you adopt a new pet or buy or renew licenses for all your dogs any time during our open hours. (Yavapai County Sheriff also provides for online registration at:

If you live in Jerome:

Contact the Jerome Humane Society or the Jerome Police Department for a free license.


If you live in Sedona:

Purchase a license at the Humane Society of Sedona.


If you live in Clarkdale:

Purchase your license at the Clarkdale Police Department or email the Police Department.


If you live in Camp Verde:

Purchase your licenses at the Marshal’s Office or from the Animal Control Officer. Beginning in 2023, licenses will also be available online.


If you live outside the Verde Valley:

Contact your local police department

In addition, many veterinarians also sell dog licenses. Contact your vet or check out our list of local veterinarians.