Apply to adopt

Thank you for considering the adoption of a pet from the Verde Valley Humane Society (VVHS). This adoption form will assist us in helping you to choose your new pet. Prior to finalizing any adoption, we will meet with you to ensure the best fit your you and the animal.

Adoption fees paid to VVHS help defer the cost of food, shelter, medical care (including spay/neuter surgery), age appropriate routine vaccinations, de-worming medication and flea/tick preventative treatment administered while the animal is in our care.

In applying for this animal, I agree to the terms, conditions and policies established by the Verde Valley Humane Society (VVHS).

  1. I will provide identification showing my current address in order to adopt.
  2. To provide food, water, shelter and humane treatment for this animal at all times.
  3. To provide annual vaccinations and veterinary exams required by law and by need.
  4. That all other pets in my household are current on vaccinations and needed veterinary care.
  5. To prevent this animal from running at large. Dogs must be on a leash or kept in an enclosed area; cats must be kept indoors.
  6. To not allow this animal to be used for experimentation.
  7. To not use this animal as a guard dog.
  8. If adopting a feline, to not declaw the kitten/cat.
  9. To accept full responsibility for this animal’s temperament and personality.
  10. That VVHS may have restrictions with regard to the pet to ensure the safety of all involved (fencing, no children in household, no other pets in household, etc.).
  11. That the animal will have proper identification on him/her at all times.
  12. If this pet doesn’t work out and I return him/her within one week of the adoption date, I may be refunded part of the adoption fee at the discretion of VVHS. I understand that after one week, no fees are refunded. I also agree to return any of my pet’s vet records.
  13. If there is a problem after the first week, I understand it is easy to return the pet to VVHS, but that there is a surrender fee associated with that return to help offset costs of caring for the animal.
  14. That I have obtained necessary approval from my property management company, landlord, HOA, etc. to have the pet and that I have paid any additional associated monies that may be required of me to keep this pet in my residence.
  15. That VVHS reserves the right to refuse adoption for any reason at any time, including failure to provide accurate information on the adoption application or anytime during the adoption process.
  16. That VVHS reserves the right to reclaim my pet if conditions of this agreement are not met.
  17. That cats and kittens will be taken home in an appropriate carrier. I understand that if I don’t have an appropriate carrier, I may purchase one from VVHS.
  18. That a Meet & Greet with all other household pets may be required.
  19. To submit to an investigation should it be determined that the conditions of this contract are not being complied with.
  20. To allow VVHS to contact my current or previous veterinarians to check my record of ownership.
  21. To notify VVHS if my pet is lost.